Butt welding machine series
  WG10-350 steel bar bending mac
  Three levels of steel hydrauli
  630 altogether type wheels rec
  Puts on the mold to roll over
  ¡é 6-10 steel bar stretcher
  WL horizontal type drawing mac
  ¡é 4-10 horizontal-type Luo gra
  ¡é 4-10 vertical Luo grain roll
  The hydraulic pressure straigh
  W58-2-12 straightening machine
  Luo grain rolling mill
  silk machine
  ¡é 3-16 rolls over the point ma
  ¡é 1.2-10 rolls over the point

  WUXI DANGKOU EHU MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is located shore of Wuxi in scenery beauutiful Tai Lakei--Goose Huzhen,Is produces each kind of model drawing machine¡¢Trunk type automatic recover of wire machine¡¢LZ Lian Zhafa is cold¡¢The circle school is straight machine¡¢Straightens the cutting off machine¡¢Seven rollers different moldings¡¢Tube drawing bench¡¢Rolls over the point machine¡¢Exhausted shell machine
specialized factory,The product is far.

  My factory in line with ¡°Strives for perfection,Unceasingly innovates,Humanist,Quality first¡± Objective,Earnestly completes the product post-sale service,Is deeper much the customers consistent high praise Sincere New old customer Comes to advise¡¢Discussion.




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