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Since it is reported, 2006 the project mechanical
Author£ºNET    Time£º2007-11-12 

Since it is reported, 2006 the project mechanical profession income,the profit speed-up have sped up. In 2006 the greatly mechanicalprofession 65,100 enterprises realize receive 6117400000000 Yuan, thesame ratio grows 28%, the speed-up comparatively 05 years enhances5.71 percentage points; The profit total amount 327.1 billion Yuan,with compared to grow 38%, the speed-up comparatively 05 years largelyenhance 25.76 percentage points; The comprehensive gross profit rate15.03%, basic and the last year was impartial. In 2007 1-2 month, theprofession income, the profit total amount distinguish the same ratioto grow 30.53%, 51.43%, the speed-up speeds up. It is estimated thatfuture two years profession income speed-up will maintain above 20%,the profit speed-up will be far quickly to the income growth.

Goes on the market the company profit speed-up quickly to theprofession average level. 06 years, 07 year first quarter, themechanical profession goes on the market the company to receiveseparately grows 22.17%, 30.92%, the speed-up speeds up; Only theprofit separately grows 41.60%, 54.94%, the speed-up is higher thanthe profession average level; The gross profit rate respectively is18.3%, 18.03%; The net profit rate respectively is 6.00%, 6.92%;Weighted average each income respectively is 0.31 Yuan, 0.1 Yuan, ishigher than the market average level; The weighted average eachmanagement cash flows respectively is 0.27 Yuan, -0.14 Yuan, is lowerthan the market average level; 06 years net assets income rateachieves 12.02%. In recent years profession EPS, the ROE targetassumed unceasingly walks the high tendency, if the deductionelectrical equipment, the machinery each management cash flowed alsoassumes the trend of escalation.
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