Butt welding machine series
  WG10-350 steel bar bending mac
  Three levels of steel hydrauli
  630 altogether type wheels rec
  Puts on the mold to roll over
  ¡é 6-10 steel bar stretcher
  WL horizontal type drawing mac
  ¡é 4-10 horizontal-type Luo gra
  ¡é 4-10 vertical Luo grain roll
  The hydraulic pressure straigh
  W58-2-12 straightening machine
  Luo grain rolling mill
  silk machine
  ¡é 3-16 rolls over the point ma
  ¡é 1.2-10 rolls over the point
if the establishment free trade
Author£ºNET    Time£º2007-11-12 

It is reported, at present plans to establish the China and SouthKorea free trade area, analyzes from the scale aspect, cannot pose thecompetition threat to the Chinese project mechanical profession. Chinaand after South Korea if the establishment free trade area, bothcountries have better in the project mechanical tradeaspect. Looked to the our country project mechanical industry,regardless of after the industrial scale, the product varietydevelopment, the product technical level, the import-export tradecustoms duty adjustment, all can promote the bilateral trade healthdevelopment, after Chinese and South Korean establishment free tradearea, although between the Chinese project mechanical enterprise andthe South Korean enterprise will form the direct competitionsituation, but will compete the product domain quite will be few, thecompetition product technical level comparatively will approach, thenot obvious superiority, after the opposite customs duty adjustment,our country project mechanical main engine product will enter theSouth Korean market the quantity to be able to rise, will continue inthe spare part processing trade aspect to obtain the development.
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