Butt welding machine series
  WG10-350 steel bar bending mac
  Three levels of steel hydrauli
  630 altogether type wheels rec
  Puts on the mold to roll over
  ¡é 6-10 steel bar stretcher
  WL horizontal type drawing mac
  ¡é 4-10 horizontal-type Luo gra
  ¡é 4-10 vertical Luo grain roll
  The hydraulic pressure straigh
  W58-2-12 straightening machine
  Luo grain rolling mill
  silk machine
  ¡é 3-16 rolls over the point ma
  ¡é 1.2-10 rolls over the point
The CONEXPO Asia project mechanical
Author£ºNET    Time£º2007-11-12 

The CONEXPO Asia project mechanical exposition -2007 year Asian andPacific area quite has the influence the project machinery to unfold,is various projects machine manufacture enterprise not fault-tolerantinternational grand meeting. In 2007 already sold unfolds the positionarea already was in 2006 exposition area two times, and unceasingly isgrowing, in the Carter heavy industry room the L hall 457, welcome thenew senior merchant to come to visit, a Carter heavy cost session ofexposition unifies the product demonstration and the scene productdemonstration is a body, the goal is must demonstrate the Carter heavyindustry the newest scientific research achievement and the highperformance, the high tech content each kind of type small excavatorand the miniature excavator, wish in advance the Carter heavy industryin the CONEXPO Asia project mechanical exposition to obtain, thepromotion business volume successfully in 2007!
In 2007 CONEXPO Asia project mechanical exposition to 2007 December 4- 7th in Guangzhou's China import-export goods trade fair (CIEF) fourstringed instrument state exhibition hall hold.
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